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What is a Halfway House or Sober Living Facility?

A halfway house is a temporary residence for people who are recovering from alcohol or substance abuse and are on their way to a more independent living scenario. It sometimes refers to a facility that is either solely or primarily intended for people who have just been released from prison.

Also known as sober living facilities or transitional homes, halfway houses are ideal for individuals who have completed drug rehab. They are not medical detox or treatment centers, but they serve a vital role in helping people reintegrate into society.

Halfway houses in Illinois have differing halfway house rules, but sobriety is a common requirement. Various levels of support are available in order to facilitate it, but services offered typically differ. Abstinence from drug and alcohol use is mandatory.

The Importance of Halfway Houses in Illinois

Deaths due to drug or alcohol abuse are unfortunately all too common. Homelessness is rampant, and on its own, drug rehab is not always sufficient. Anyone who is looking for a halfway house in Illinois knows just how important it is that they find one!

The significance of halfway houses in Illinois cannot be emphasized enough. They facilitate the well-being of people who would otherwise have a much more difficult time getting things together. 

Halfway homes in Illinois do not provide comprehensive medical treatment, but they nonetheless serve a vital role in helping individuals stay clean and transition over to a more independent living scenario. They keep people off the streets and out of more restrictive living environments. 

How Do I Find The Best Halfway House Near Me?

If you are looking for a sober home in Illinois, please peruse our listings. Halfway House Directory is a convenient way for you to find a suitable halfway house nearby. It is regularly updated, so please feel free to keep it bookmarked. 

If you are not in Illinois and/or would rather find one that is nearby, you can just as well search for halfway houses near Illinois.

Whether or not a particular halfway home is more suitable for you than another is going to depend on a number of things. If you have trouble deciding where to go, keep in mind that there is a place for you. 

Finally, sober homes in Illinois oftentimes look like regular homes. And in a way, they are. They are home to ordinary people just like you — people who simply need a place to live in sobriety as they transition over to a more independent way of life.

On My Road to Recovery, What Should I Do Now?

Whatever your situation in life is, you have probably been in some sticky situations. Everyone has. Maybe you have been through medical detox or drug treatment. Whatever the case may be, you are not ready to live on your own.

We can help you find a suitable halfway house in Illinois. We can also help you find a halfway house near Illinois — in any of the surrounding areas. Please contact one of the sober living facilities below. 

Before you consider joining a particular sober home, it is a good idea to read reviews from other people. Just keep in mind that reviews do not always reflect the truth.

When you find a sober home that suits your needs and are accepted as a resident, please be sure to abide by all of its halfway house rules. Halfway houses have policies in place and there are consequences for violations of rules. Expulsion is possible and it should be avoided.

Primary Service: substance use disorders

Address : 202 S Bentley St,, Marion, 62959

Primary Service: substance use disorders

Address : 25480 W N Cedar Crest Dr, Lake Villa, 60046

Primary Service: substance use disorders

Address : 14714 Madison Ave, Harvey, 60426

Primary Service: substance use disorders

Address : 1607 John Deere Rd, East Moline, 61244

Primary Service: substance use disorders

Address : 220 College Ave, DeKalb, 60115

Primary Service: Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Address : 761 W Decatur St, Decatur, 62522

Primary Service: substance use disorders

Address : 1236 W 72nd Pl,, Chicago, 60636

Primary Service: substance use disorders

Address : 995 Bode Rd,, Elgin, 60120

Primary Service: treatment program for chemical dependency

Address : 13811 Western Ave,, Blue Island, 60406

Primary Service: substance use disorders

Address : 643 E 88th Pl, Chicago, 60619

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