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What is a Halfway House or Sober Living Facility?

A halfway house is a structured, temporary living facility for people who are in recovery and are transitioning to a more permanent living condition. It is also known as a sober living facility or sober home.

Some halfway houses shelter former inmates who are not yet ready to live on their own. Others are for people who have received mental health treatment or have experienced homelessness.

Sobriety is a common requirement among halfway homes. Drug and alcohol use is strictly prohibited. Services are typically offered in order to facilitate the intended purpose of a transitional home: to help people make their way out and into society at large.

The services that are provided differ, and can include such things as vocational training and group therapy. They can be in house or offered by partnering agencies.

There are numerous halfway houses in Indiana. 

The Importance of Halfway Houses in Indiana

Halfway houses in Indiana are crucial in helping people within the state get their life in order. 

They are not medical rehab or detox facilities, but they help people in recovery make their way toward a more permanent and independent living accommodation.

Situations differ, of course, and everyone’s life is different. However, anyone who is looking for a halfway house in Indiana knows just how important it is that they find one.

An important feature of sober homes that cannot be overlooked is the accountability that they offer residents. It is built into the way that they operate. 

In short, the importance of halfway houses in Indiana cannot be dismissed or overstated. Sober homes in Indiana help people, plain and simple.

How Do I Find The Best Halfway House Near Me?

If you need to find a suitable halfway house in Indiana, it all starts with our listings below. Contact a few of the listed facilities and ask questions. What services do they offer? What are the rules and requirements?

A question you might want to ask is whether or not the facility is meant for people who have just been released from prison. If so, and if you are not a former inmate, maybe you will be better off considering another facility.

Now, when looking for a sober home, some people prefer to go out of state. That is something you might want to consider. If so, we can help you find a halfway house near Indiana.

Lastly, reviews can be helpful. However, please remember that they are not always fair or accurate.

On My Road to Recovery, What Should I Do Now?

On your way to recovery, you have undoubtedly made a lot of progress. You are not ready to live on your own, but you are not where you were before. The next step you take is crucial.

It all starts with our listings below. Contact a few sober living facilities and make a decision as to where you should go. If you rather go out of state, search for a halfway house near Indiana. 

When you find a sober living facility that you think will best suit your needs, please be sure to follow all of its halfway house rules.

Sober living facilities in Indiana have rules in place and they must be followed. If any rules are broken, consequences follow accordingly. They vary in severity, and expulsion is possible.

Primary Service: Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Address : 1004 W 1st St, , Bloomington, 47403

Primary Service: Mental Health Services

Address : 1720 Beacon Street, Fort Wayne, 6805

Primary Service: Mental Health Services

Address : 990 Illinois Street, Plymouth, 46563

Primary Service: ⦁ Mental Health Services

Address : 8330 Naab Rd #311, Indianapolis, 46260

Primary Service: Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Address : 3700 North Briarwood Lane Suite A, Muncie, 47304

Primary Service: Mental Health Services

Address : 610 Main Street, Lafayette, 47901

Primary Service: Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Address : 8410 Maple Avenue, Gary, 46403

Primary Service: Recovery Related Service

Address : 7108 Calumet Avenue, Hammond, 46324

Primary Service: Substance Use Disorders Program

Address : 3600 North Prow Road, Bloomington, 47404

Primary Service: Mental Health Services

Address : 105 East Jefferson Boulevard, South Bend, 46601


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