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To be a user-friendly platform truly dedicated to educating and empowering individuals suffering from the adversity of substance abuse.

Our Values

To create a medium where people going through hardship from substance abuse can be given the much-needed support by eliminating the aforementioned roadblocks.


We maintain an extensive catalog of halfway homes for the physical, mental, psychological and emotional treatment of people suffering from substance abuse disorder. If you feel a loved one is going through tough times and requires help, you can contact us on the forum to seek help for them. Similarly, if a person who is under the influence of substance abuse realizes his or her problem and wants to seek help without being judged, this is the best place to talk.

We will talk with you, assess the problem you or your near and dear one is facing and connect you to a halfway home that can provide the correct diagnosis and treatment for your condition. It is true that in times of crisis, your judgment will be clouded and you may not have the patience to go through a list of 'sober living near me' yourself for the right one. It is in this regard; we are committed to help you through the process as best as we can.

We are also more informed and qualified to choose a suitable halfway house for you. Not only that but since we have a long and organized list of 'halfway houses near me', we will be able to provide you with many more options than you can find. We are also open to halfway homes to approach us for getting their homes listed on our portal.

Our connections also make it easier for halfway homes to refer patients to another home that is better equipped to deal with them. Thus, the chances of the patient getting the right treatment and healing better and faster is guaranteed more than if all the homes operated in an isolated manner.

We provide a platform where people with substance abuse disorders, or their well-wishers, can come without fear of discrimination for a good and timely solution. Our roster of halfway houses provides top-class treatment for all kinds of substance abuse accompanying mental and physical disorders.

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You can also check out our blog content for information on substance abuse, their detection, and treatment. It will help you identify the signs of substance abuse correctly and take the necessary steps in that scenario.

We cover a large number of topics on everything to do with substance abuse for your benefit. If you feel any red flags going off after reading our blogs or have come here to confirm any suspicions, contact us now. We will walk you through your issue and do our best to help save the lives of those who are in desperate need of it.

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