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What Is a Halfway House / Sober Living Facility?

Halfway houses are specifically designed for former/recovering drug addicts and alcoholics. Also called sober living facilities or transitional homes, they aid individuals who are on the road to recovery and are not yet able to live independently.

Rules differ among halfway houses in Maine, but sobriety is a common requirement; it is mandatory. Residents are monitored and provided with various levels of support as they make progress in their journey. Services tend to vary — both in substance and extent.

Sometimes, the term “halfway house” refers to a facility that houses people who have recently been released from prison. 

The Importance of Halfway Houses in Maine

Substance use disorder (SUD) and opioid use disorder (OUD) often lead to unfortunate outcomes. Rehab programs can be helpful, but they are not always enough; individual lives and situations are complex.

Halfway houses in Maine provide a much-needed service. They do not provide extensive medical treatment, but they serve as an important stepping stone for people who are making their way toward a more permanent and independent way of life.

The importance of sober living facilities in Maine cannot be emphasized enough! They provide a feasible way for recovering addicts to adjust and reintegrate into society.

How Do I Find The Best Halfway House Near Me?

If you are looking for a halfway house in Maine, our regularly updated directory can help you find one. Halfway House Directory can help you find a sober home nearby.

If you prefer to go out of state, you can easily find a halfway house near Maine. 

A number of factors are going to play into whether or not a particular halfway home is more suitable for you than another. Reading reviews can be helpful, but keep in mind that reviews are not always fair or accurate.

Finally, you might be relieved to know that many sober living facilities in Maine look like regular homes. This helps put current and prospective residents at ease. They are ordinary people, after all, and they simply need a temporary home as they make some necessary adjustments in life.

On My Road to Recovery, What Should I Do Now?

We are all in different stages of life. No matter what you have been through, know that there is hope; there is opportunity. A more independent lifestyle is achievable.

Please look through our listings if you want to find a qualified halfway house in Maine. Halfway House Directory is regularly updated, so please feel free to keep it bookmarked. You can use it to find halfway houses near Maine as well as within state borders.

When you find a sober living house that you can call home (a temporary home), please do your best to stick to its halfway house rules and avoid disciplinary action. Consequences for rule violations can and do culminate in expulsion.

Primary Service: Recovery Related Service

Address : 185 Harlow Street, Bangor, 04401

Primary Service: Drug and Alcohol Dependency Treatment

Address : 1008 Lisbon Street, Lewiston, 04240

Primary Service: treatment program for chemical dependency

Address : 81 Granite St, Portland, 04102

Primary Service: Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Address : 160 Preble Street, Portland, 04101

Primary Service: Mental Health Services

Address : 500 Southborough Dr #205, South Portland, 04106

Primary Service: ⦁ Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Address : 188 Eastern Avenue, Augusta, 04330

Primary Service: ⦁ Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Address : 343 Forest Ave, Portland, 04101

Primary Service: ⦁ Substance Use Disorders

Address : 35 July Street, Sanford, 04073

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Address : 51 Parmentor Road, Palermo, 04354

Primary Service: treatment program for chemical dependency

Address : 15 Hospital Drive, York, 03909


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