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What is a Halfway House or Sober Living Facility?

A halfway house is a transitional living facility for people who are recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. It sometimes refers to a temporary accommodation for former prison inmates who are not yet able to live on their own. 

Some halfway houses accept as residents people who have received mental health treatment or have experienced homelessness.

Also known as transitional homes or sober homes, halfway houses help people in recovery make their way toward a more permanent living situation. Sobriety is mandatory; alcohol and drug use are prohibited. To one extent or another, basic recovery and life skill development services are made available.

For our purposes, there are plenty of halfway houses in Tennessee.

The Importance of Halfway Houses in Tennessee

Alcohol and drug rehab centers are generally recognized as important for the health and well-being of recovering addicts. However, their purpose is limited. Anyone who is looking for a halfway house in Tennessee knows just how important it is that they find one.

Homelessness, drug overdose deaths, and other unfortunate phenomena persist. Life can be difficult. Everyone’s situation is different, but one thing is certain: halfway houses in Tennessee keep people off the streets and out of more restrictive environments. 

Halfway houses in Tennessee help people who would otherwise have a much more difficult time getting on their feet.

 How Do I Find the Best Halfway House near Me?

If you need to find a halfway house in Tennessee, please look below. Halfway House Directory is regularly updated, so please feel free to bookmark this page.

Some people prefer to find a sober home that is out of state. We can just as easily help you find a halfway house near Tennessee or elsewhere.

The particular location of a sober living facility might play into whether you choose to join it or not. However, location is not always the most important thing to take into consideration. If one transitional home offers services that another one does not, that might be important to consider. 

If you want to find the best halfway house in Tennessee, please call the facilities listed below and ask questions. What services do they offer, if any? What type of residents do they accommodate (e.g., ex convicts, recovering addicts, etc.)? What are the rules and requirements? 

On My Road to Recovery, What Should I Do Now?

No matter what your particular situation is like, you have probably made a significant amount of progress. You might not be where you want to be, but you are not where you were before. You are on the road to recovery even though you are not yet ready to live on your own.

Please look below for a suitable halfway house in Tennessee. If you prefer, you can just as easily find a halfway house near Tennessee — in a neighboring state. Contact a few of the listed facilities and ask questions. If you can visit one in person, do so.

When you find a transitional home that works for you, please make sure that you follow all of its halfway house rules. Halfway houses in Tennessee have rules in place and they must be followed. If any of them are violated, consequences typically follow. Expulsion is not always immediate, but it can and does happen.

Primary Service: treatment program for chemical dependency

Address : 133 Indian Lake Road, Hendersonville, 37075

Primary Service: Recovery Related Service

Address : 106 East Watauga Avenue, Johnson City, 37601

Primary Service: Substance Use Disorders Program

Address : 172 West University Pkwy Suite A, Jackson, 38024

Primary Service: Recovery Related Service

Address : 1915 Columbia Avenue, Franklin, 37064

Primary Service: Mental Health Services

Address : 5080 Florence Rd, Murfreesboro, 37129

Primary Service: Substance Use Disorders Program

Address : 511 8th Street, Clarksville, 37040

Primary Service: Recovery Related Service

Address : 2002 Cooley Street, Chattanooga, 37406

Primary Service: Substance Use Disorders Program

Address : 6800 Baum Drive NW, Knoxville, 37919

Primary Service: Drug and Alcohol Dependency Treatment

Address : 2471 Hale Avenue, Memphis, 38112

Primary Service: recovery related treatments

Address : 211 Morton Avenue, Nashville, 37211

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