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Below is a comprehensive directory of drug & alcohol substance abuse treatment programs in Bellevue, Kentucky.

Bellevue, KY Substance Abuse Treatment & Rehabilitation

There are a number of of drug & alcohol rehab options in Bellevue, KY and the surrounding areas. has created the internet’s greatest compliation of addiction treatment providers to assist you or a loved one find the appropriate level of care to get sober. Along with drug and alcohol rehab centers, provides all of the Bellevue Alcoholics Anonymous meetings for those looking for meetings or already in sobriety.

The drug & alcohol rehab centers below are listed in order of distance to the center of Bellevue, KY. For more information on any of the individual drug & alcohol rehabs, such as type of care, addiction treatment setting, payment options and more, click on the listing.

Types of Treatment You Can Find in Bellevue, KY

There are a multitude of types of substance abuse treatment, and not all drug rehabs offer all levels of care. Depending on your drug of choice, how long you have been using, your history with treatment, your home environment, and your support system, one type of treatment may be better for you than another. For example, if you are addicted to alcohol, heroin, crack or meth, then detox is likely the first level of care needed to ensure safety during withdrawal. On the other hand, if there are thoughts suicide, then inpatient rehab is ideal so that the various symptoms can be managed simultaneously.

Outpatient Treatment: Requires regular meetings with treatment professionals, allows you to live at home and maintain your normal responsibilities such as work, school, your wife and kids, and is often successful when a supportive, safe home environment is present.

Intensive Outpatient Program: Requires 15-20 hours of treatment meetings weekly, addicts live in a sober house or halfway house and is often implemented following a long term care program.

Partial Hospitalization Program: 25-30 hours of therapy and other treatment-related meetings weekly, implemented to lower rates of continuous care treatment and is a good option for someone unsuccessful with other treatment options.

Residential Treatment: 30 plus hours of therapy and other treatment-related meetings and round the clock care.

Inpatient Treatment: Short term care with only 4-6 hours of therapy and other treatment-related meetings created to provide observation and therapy to reduce self-harm and round the clock monitoring. This is also referred to as Baker Acting.

Detox: Short term treatment with round the clock care to address withdrawal symptoms.

The Cost Associated With Bellevue Addiction Treatment And Rehabs That Accept Insurance

Addiction Treatment & Rehabilitation in Bellevue and throughout the U.S. can be very costly. If you have private insurance, most substance abuse treatment & rehabilitation treatment centers will be able to aid you for detox, inpatient, and after care. If you do not have healthcare coverage], you will be forced to either secure private funding or a state funded/medicaid program.

Most of the major private insurance companies such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, United Health, Cigna, and others will cover both in and out of network treatment centers. Whether you have a PPO insurance policy, HMO, medicare or medicaid, give us a call today and we can assist in selecting the best Bellevue, KY drug and alcohol rehab center.

Selecting The Bellevue, KY Addiction Treatment & Rehabilitation Center

One of the most important factors in addiction treatment is that the addict receives individual treatment based on their specific needs and diagnosis. The addiction treatment center in Bellevue that you select should provide a full clinical assessment prior to determining whether they are a good clinical fit for you or a loved one. The facility will also have to verify your insurance benefits to determine how the patient will be paying for the treatment stay. Even if you have good insurance that will cover most of the costs, you may still need to pay a deductible or some out of scope expenses. To learn more about Bellevue addiction treatment centers and the admissions process, call us today!

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