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Halfway Houses in Jacksonville FL

Get Better Opportunities with Jacksonville Halfway Houses

Being a part of the supportive and encouraging community of Halfway Houses allows you to have a clear path to sobriety. While residing in a Halfway House, you’ll have tons of opportunities to replace negative habits and replace them with healthier routines. Also, this is also a chance for you to broaden your set of skills that will prove useful once you reintegrate back into society and live a regular life. For people looking to have a positive change in their lives, there is no better place than Halfway Houses in Jacksonville FL.

How much does a Halfway House cost in Florida?

The price of Halfway Houses may vary based on factors such as their location, facilities, and the level of support and guidance offered. Typically, residents could anticipate monthly fees ranging from $400 to $700. It is important to note that rates may differ between facilities. It’s essential to inquire directly with the particular Halfway House you’re considering to make sure their exact pricing and what services are included in the cost.

Some ways to cover the cost of a Halfway House includes:

What is a Halfway House?

A Halfway House is a community-based accommodation that is designed to give people struggling from alcohol or drug abuse a secure and safe environment where they can recover. Most often than not, residents are typically moving from rehab or a confinement facility. Halfway Houses serve as a bridge to allow people to get back on their feet and to successfully reintegrate back into society. Being in a Halfway House allows individuals to avoid typical triggers of addiction while having access to additional resources and services to promote a full recovery and without relapse.

Can you have a cell phone in a Halfway House?

In a Halfway House, whether or not you can have a phone usually depends on the rules of that specific place. Some Halfway Houses may allow residents to have phones, while others might not. If phones are allowed, there may be certain rules about how they can be used, like limiting the time or only allowing certain types of calls. It’s important to check with the Halfway House you’re interested in to find out their policy on phones. But more often than not, it is usually not allowed to have a phone while in a Halfway House.

Get Better Opportunities with Jacksonville Halfway Houses

Halfway Houses in Jacksonville FL: Your Guide to Sobriety

Get access to a secure and drug-free environment with Jacksonville Halfway Houses so you can focus solely on your goal to attain sobriety. With the help of Halfway Houses, you can be with people that are willing to listen and give you the support and guidance you need to keep moving forward. From assistance in landing a job to learning essential life skills, there are many ways that Halfway Houses can help you with. Take this chance and be a part of the Halfway Houses community today! 


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Primary Service: Recovery Related Service

Address : 12101 Cannes St, Jacksonville, 32224

Primary Service: Treatment for substance use disorders (SUD's)

Address : 555 Stockton Street , Jacksonville, 32204

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