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Staying Sober Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

Staying Sober Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

Posted on: October 22, 2021

7 Tips For A Sober Halloween

Fall, it’s a favorite time of year for many of us. However, for some people, fall is a reminder of all of the holidays around the corner. This season can bring back happy and sad memories. Those who struggle with addictions can easily relapse to cope with the stress. It’s not a time to skip meetings, follow the crowd or not follow the rules at the halfway house. It might even be a time where reaching out and attending more meetings, organizing a gathering with your fellow halfway house roommates, or being intentional about who you spend time with and what you do can help prevent a relapse. While Labor Day may mean the end of summer, Halloween means the beginning of the holiday season. Sober living can be scary, and the cravings are real, but here are some tips to help you hold onto your sobriety.

7 Tips For Staying Sober on Halloween

Pick one or more of our tips, and make your sober Halloween one of the best nights ever!

  1. Host a Halloween Party

Host an alcohol-free party. Respect and be supportive of each other and focus on your recovery. Have fun with costumes, decorations, music, Halloween-themed foods, and stay sober!

2. Do something different

Don’t follow the crowd. Instead, break traditions and create a new one! For example, go to a movie with friends or that local restaurant you’ve always thought about trying where the pressure of having a drink might be less. Remember you’re not alone.

3. Trick or Treat with Kids

Go trick or treating with kids. If not your own, go with a friend or family member and their kids. Enjoy the costumes, fun, and maybe a kid will share their candy with you. Of course, any parent will appreciate having another adult help them with costumes, sorting candy, and enjoying conversation and pictures throughout the evening. Your family and friends are cheering for you, proud of your accomplishments, see the courage you have with staying sober.

4. Road Trip

Go to a state park or hiking. Find somewhere interesting to go where Halloween parties are not the big thing to do. There are AA meetings near Kansas City and plenty of off-the-beaten-path recreational things to do within an hour’s drive. 

5. Hand out candy

Enjoy the night in, hand out candy, and watch scary movies. Buy your favorite candy and enjoy it while you share it with others too. Make hot apple cider or hot chocolate and enjoy the evening at home! Sit outside and meet people instead of just tossing the candy out the door. You’re doing hard things and your family, and friends are all cheering you on, even when it is scary.

6. Decorate inside and out

Get into decorating inside and out for Halloween. It can be a helpful distraction and can help you desire to enjoy the night in, all your hard work, and the haunted house you’ve created. Maybe you could even make some of the decorations instead of buying them! Don’t be afraid to reach out for support as many people get it, holidays can be stressful!

7. If you haven’t already, find a Halfway House

Being around others or having a conversation with someone who gets it can be the difference between a relapse and staying sober. So don’t procrastinate, see if a Halfway House can provide the support you need.

Whatever you decide to do, we wish you a Happy Halloween that is safe, sober, fun, and filled with candy!

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