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The Simple 3-Step Plan That Will Help You Reach Your Goals In 2022

The Simple 3-Step Plan That Will Help You Reach Your Goals In 2022

Posted on: December 6, 2021

As we wrap up 2021, there’s never been a better time to reflect on the year and take a personal inventory of what went well and what didn’t. You did a brave thing when you didn’t know the next step of reaching out for help, and now you continue to move forward at a Halfway House. We all want to progress and become better versions of ourselves, so what separates the ones who make a change from the ones who don’t? Today, we will go over a simple 3-Step Plan that will help you be one who does.

Upgrade Our Mindset

The only way to become authentically happy and fulfilled with ourselves and our lives is to raise our standards and start reaching for more. But, as you follow the rules of the Halfway House, it’s important to guard your mindset. It is easy to get caught up and satisfied with the status quo in the world around us and what’s going on in the lives of others or even in the lives of our favorite TV show characters. But, what if we started looking at our lives as if they were a movie? Would we be happy with how the lead character has dealt with adversity? Would the best version of ourselves do the things we’re about to do? 

These are all excellent questions to ask ourselves as we continue to grow, heal, and create a better life while at the halfway house. When we realize doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result is not working, what do we do, how do we move forward? So, if we want something we’ve never had, we need to become someone we’ve never been. What habits and rituals would allow us to start showing up as that best version of ourselves while we are at the halfway house and for our future beyond the halfway house?

Create A New Identity For Ourselves

As Tony Robbins famously said, “People feel the need to stay consistent with who they believe they are.” Too often, the reason we don’t make massive changes and become the people we’ve always wanted to be is that we’ve become too attached to who we’ve been. This makes complete sense because once we decide to show up differently, we are subject to a lot of uncertainty and perhaps even rejection from our peers. So you’re in a supportive environment at the halfway house and continue to support each other and encourage each other as you motivate each other.

This new year is another opportunity for you to continue stepping up and being courageous as you overcome and win at sober living or to step up and consider entering a halfway house to help redefine who you are. Getting better isn’t a trick, a hack, or one thing we need to do. Getting better is an ongoing campaign. It’s a daily fight, and the residents at a halfway house are supportive. Sometimes we win, and sometimes we will lose. But every day, we get up and dust ourselves off because that’s what winners do. Movies like Rocky, The Lion King, and The Wizard of Oz all have that winner’s mentality in common, and it’s those movies that sell at the box office. So now, what kind of story will you be telling in 2022?

Audit Our Relationships

The quality of our lives at the halfway house is determined by the quality of our relationships and experiences. We are like the people we spend the most time with. It can be increasingly challenging to find the people and resources to support our best selves in times like this. The path of personal development can be scary and, sometimes, lonely. But, sometimes, lifelong friendships are formed while at a halfway house.

What got us here won’t take us to the next chapter of our lives that we are so eager to get to. However, a halfway house may help alleviate the stress of taking that leap of faith. 

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