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Who is that person with an addiction?

Who is that person with an addiction?

Posted on: October 25, 2021

A person who is addicted to drugs is an amazing individual who happens to have become addicted to a substance. Unfortunately, after they become addicted, it is impossible to simply walk away and a halfway house can be a crucial part of the recovery process. 

When drug addiction touches your family or circle of friends, you finally realize drug addiction can impact anyone. Despite how a person with an addiction is frequently portrayed, drug addiction affects people from all backgrounds, any walk of life, any economic status, all ages, races, and levels of education. Addictions are so powerful that people with addictions lose everything as they feed their addiction. A person with an addiction is not always homeless or uneducated as often portrayed. Some people with addictions live in a nice neighborhood, hold onto a job and family. Halfway houses are a community of people from all walks of life who have something in common, fighting to overcome addiction. 

It seems everyone is in a new and strange season currently because of the pandemic. Some of us manage it better than others. Some turn to substances to quiet our minds or numb the pain. Nobody ever starts with the goal of becoming addicted to drugs. At a halfway house, you’ll hear stories and if you listen to a person recovering from drug abuse, you’ll repeatedly hear how the addiction took over and consumed every thought and action. 

With way more questions than answers, join us as we search for answers to tough questions.

Is the stereotypical person with an addiction portrayal making things better or worse?

Maybe, words matter. If we can remember what the person was like before the addiction, add those terms into conversations. You’ll notice in this article, we refrain from using the term drug addict and choose to use the phrase person with an addiction because sometimes, whoever that person was before the addiction seems to get lost in the term drug addict. We’re trying to remember all the great things about the person with the addiction; were they a great cook or bowler, did they love their family so well, knew everything about cars, or knew that dogs had to be God’s favorite animal?

How does a person with an addiction find the strength to lose everything again to fuel their fight to overcome?

If we talk about the things the person with an addiction used to do or love, maybe we can help fuel the fight to help strength be found to overcome the addiction. For example, reminders of the love they gave and got could spark a fuel to fight.
Getting professional help, treatment centers, and attending counseling and meetings are necessary. This is not a journey for anyone to do alone. Sometimes a halfway house can be a solution that adds accountability, responsibility, and teamwork. If there was ever a circumstance where we need teamwork, it is now. A halfway house provides an opportunity to be with others

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