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Nestled in the southeastern corner of Washington state, Pasco offers a unique blend of outdoor adventure, historical intrigue, and cultural vibrancy. The city boasts sunshine for a large part of the year, making it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. However, like many cities across the United States, Pasco also faces challenges, including mental health disorders that affect a portion of its population.

In Pasco, mental health concerns are significant, affecting a substantial portion of individuals. More than one in five adults in Washington has a diagnosable mental illness. Where 22% of adults experiencing mental illnesses. During the pandemic, mental health issues became more prevalent and extreme, with 40% of adults experiencing a mental or behavioral health condition. Failure to seek help can have dire consequences, as people with severe mental illness tend to die 10 to 25 years earlier than those without such conditions.

Addressing the significant mental health concerns in Washington, requires a comprehensive approach that includes accessible and supportive services. Tri-City Community Health (TCCH) in Washington stands out as a vital solution to this pressing issue. As a leading provider of integrated healthcare services in the region, TCCH is well-equipped to tackle mental health challenges with a holistic approach and offering low cost, quality mental health care services for individuals in need.

Alongside the support of Tri-City Community Health, halfway houses in Pasco can also provide essential support and resources for individuals struggling with mental health issues, offering a transitional environment where they can receive care and assistance in reintegrating into the community. Halfway houses also offer a structured routine, which can be beneficial for individuals with mental health challenges. This structured environment helps individuals establish healthy habits, adhere to treatment plans, and work towards their recovery goals.

What behavioral treatments does Tri-City Community health offer Washington?

Tri-City Community Health in Pasco, Washington, provides a range of compassionate behavioral and mental health services to support individuals in their healing journey. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Psychiatric Services:
      • Diagnosis and Assessment: Our psychiatric providers conduct thorough assessments to diagnose mental health conditions. We evaluate symptoms, history, and other relevant factors.
      • Medication Management: For individuals requiring medication, we offer expert guidance on appropriate prescriptions, dosage, and monitoring.
      • Counseling and Psychotherapy: We provide counseling sessions to address emotional and psychological challenges. Our therapists use evidence-based approaches to help clients cope with stress, anxiety, depression, and other issues.
      • Chemical Dependency Support: We assist those dealing with substance abuse issues. We offer counseling, harm reduction strategies, and referrals to addiction treatment programs.
  • Therapy & Counseling:
    • Individual Therapy: Our licensed therapists engage in one-on-one sessions with clients. We explore thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, aiming for personal growth and improved mental health.
    • Group Therapy: We facilitate group sessions where individuals with similar concerns can share experiences, learn coping skills, and build a supportive network.
    • Family Therapy: We involve family members in therapy when necessary. This approach helps address family dynamics, communication, and conflict resolution.
    • Trauma-Informed Care: We recognize the impact of trauma and provide trauma-informed therapy to promote healing.
  1. Coordinated Medical Care Services: We integrate mental health services with primary care. This holistic approach ensures that physical and mental health needs are addressed together.
  2. Expert Mental Health Care Team: Our team collaborates to provide comprehensive care. Our culturally competent approach respects diverse backgrounds and fosters trust. We support:
    • Depression and Anxiety
    • Grief Counseling
    • Thought and Mood Disorders
    • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
    • Trauma and Abuse
    • Substance Use Disorders

Tri-City Community Health prioritizes affordability and accepts most insurances. Comprehensive drug treatment centers in Pasco are also available to support individuals in overcoming substance use disorders and achieving lasting recovery. Tailored approaches include counseling, medication-assisted treatment, and support services to address the complex needs of those struggling with addiction.

What six therapists does Tri-City Community health offer for behavioral health?

Tri-City Community Health in Pasco, Washington, provides comprehensive behavioral and mental health services to support individuals in their journey toward well-being. Here are six of the skilled therapists available at TCCH:

  1. Sherrie Virakpanyou, MSW: Sherrie is a skilled social worker with expertise in mental health counseling. She provides compassionate support to individuals dealing with various emotional and psychological challenges.
  2. Rinah Gutierrez, MD: Dr. Rinah Gutierrez is a psychiatrist specializing in behavioral health. She offers psychiatric evaluations, medication management, and therapy to address mental health conditions.
  3. Areej Alfaraj, MD: Dr. Areej Alfaraj is another psychiatrist at TCCH. She focuses on diagnosing and treating mental health disorders, including anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder.
  4. Jessica Frost, MSW: Jessica is a dedicated social worker who assists clients in navigating the complexities of mental health services. She provides counseling and helps individuals access resources.
  5. Shurrie Weatherman: Shurrie is a licensed therapist with expertise in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and trauma-focused interventions. She works closely with clients to improve their mental well-being.
  6. Scott Michael, MSW, LICSW: Scott is a licensed clinical social worker (LICSW) who specializes in individual and group therapy. He helps clients develop coping strategies and build resilience.

These dedicated professionals offer diagnosis, treatment, counseling, and medication management for mental and behavioral health issues. Whether you’re dealing with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, or other challenges, TCCH is committed to providing compassionate care and empowering you to be your best self.

TCCH has multiple locations throughout the Tri-Cities area, including Kennewick, Richland, and Pasco, ensuring convenient and affordable access to high-quality healthcare. If you’re seeking mental health support, consider reaching out to one of these experienced therapists at TCCH.

What is the No Surprises Act and the Good Faith Estimate for Tri-City Community Health?

The No Surprises Act, implemented on January 1, 2022, serves to protect patients from unexpected medical bills, particularly those incurred from out-of-network emergency care. At Tri-Cities Community Health (TCCH), we prioritize patient care by ensuring that services are not denied due to financial constraints, even if it means reducing or waiving costs when necessary.

When it comes to the Good Faith Estimate at TCCH, it offers patients an insight into the anticipated costs associated with their healthcare needs. This estimate typically covers common services and provides a range of prices for those services. However, it’s important to note that unforeseen or undisclosed costs during treatment are not factored into the estimate. The estimate is crafted based on the information available at the time it’s created. Furthermore, while providing care, TCCH providers may suggest additional services not outlined in the estimate. As a result, actual charges may vary from the initial estimate provided.

It’s essential to understand that the estimate does not serve as insurance pre-authorization, nor does it guarantee insurance coverage. Additionally, it’s not a binding contract, and patients are not obligated to receive services from TCCH solely based on the estimate provided.

Offering Low Cost, High Quality Mental Health Care Treatment with Tri-City Community Health in Pasco WA

Mental health disorders are conditions that affect a person’s thinking, feelings, and behavior. They can cause significant distress and impair a person’s ability to function in important areas of life, such as work, school, and social relationships. There are many different types of mental disorders such as schizophrenia, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, mood, eating, and eating disorders, each with its own unique set of symptoms. Approximately 15.4% of individuals in Pasco reported having poor mental health on 14 or more days within the previous month. This percentage is slightly higher than the state average of 12.7%.

Tri-City Community Health is committed to increasing awareness and reducing stigma surrounding mental health issues in Pasco, Washington. Through community programs and education initiatives, we strive to promote understanding and acceptance, encouraging individuals to seek help when needed. We offer personalized treatment plans tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual, utilizing evidence-based therapies and interventions. Our goal is to alleviate distress and improve functioning in important areas of life, including work, school, and relationships.

Also with halfway houses, individuals have access to a range of resources aimed at promoting stability and independence. This may include group therapy sessions, life skills training, vocational support, and assistance with securing employment and permanent housing. By offering a supportive environment, halfway houses help individuals build essential life skills, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and establish positive social connections. For those considering a halfway house in Pasco for recovery, seeking professional advice can be highly beneficial. It offers valuable support in making informed decisions and embarking on a transformative journey towards lasting rehabilitation.


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