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Landmark Recovery


HHD Landmark Recovery 5015 S. 110th St. Greenfield, Wisconsin 53228 Halfway Houses Directory

What is a Landmark Recovery Halfway House?

Landmark Recovery Halfway House in Greenfield, Wisconsin, provides treatment to victims of drug and alcohol dependency. We help patients discover hope for their current situation and help change their lives for the better. With the help of licensed healthcare experts, patients enjoy a safe and welcoming environment without the fear of facing stigma. Committed to being the premier recovery center, its services are ensured to be of the highest quality for patients to receive the best treatment. Are you struggling against alcohol and drugs? Contact us and get treated today!

Why is Landmark Recovery a good choice for a halfway house for sober living?

Landmark Recovery’s services are customer-centric, ensuring that patients get the proper support they need on their road to recovery. The institute is led by a team of licensed healthcare experts dedicated to giving quality healthcare treatment to patients. By upholding the halfway house rules, patients receive treatment in the proper environment for sober living. Landmark Recovery is not just your healthcare provider but also your companion in life. Book an appointment to start sober living in Greenfield, Wisconsin, now!

Does Landmark Recovery Halfway House have an intensive outpatient program (IOP)?

Patients diagnosed with substance abuse problems can opt for an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Landmark Recovery ensures that patients have the choice to fulfill their desire to change while being able to go on with their lives as usual. Since addiction is a major concern, the institute focuses on making healthcare accessible to all and beginning their journey towards life under sobriety. Do you have a hard time facing addiction? Get diagnosed today! Visit the Halfway House Directory for more details.

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5015 S. 110th St.

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