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Lutheran Social Services


HHD Lutheran Social Services 1545 South Layton Boulevard Milwaukee, WI 53215

What is a Lutheran Social Services halfway house?

Lutheran Social Services is a Christ-centered, non-profit organization founded in 1882 by a pastor in Wisconsin. It is a halfway house in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that offers transformative services that aim to empower individuals through healing. This halfway house guides people who are suffering from mental health problems and substance abuse in their transition phase back into society through sober living. The institution also offers resettlement for refugees affected by the Afghan crisis and early intervention for children diagnosed with disabilities. There are other centers for sober living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Browse through our halfway house directory  

What are the benefits of the halfway house Lutheran Social Services in Milwaukee, Wisconsin?

This institution is one of the oldest halfway houses for sober living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The decades worth of experience in sober living and social services makes this institution a great option for a halfway house. It also abides by a strict set of halfway house rules. Lutheran Social Services is not just a simple halfway house in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is a facility that offers various social services to people of all ages. These services include subsidized housing facilities, foster care, and counseling.  As an accredited institution by CARF International, the facilities and staff of Lutheran Social Services are certified to be of high quality.

What do I need to know before applying for sober living at Lutheran Social Services in Milwaukee, Wisconsin?

After you have taken a look at other halfway houses and decided Lutheran Social Services is the right sober living center for you, here are the things you need to remember. Despite being a Christian organization, Lutheran Social Services accepts anyone regardless of religious affiliation or background. Sober living is taken seriously in this institution. Halfway house rules are practiced throughout the therapy process. Brought by the high demand for this center, the queue for housing and admission may have long waiting lists. If you wish to look at other options for halfway houses, you may view our halfway house directory.

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1545 South Layton Boulevard

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