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Community Services Associates


HHD Community Services Associates 710 North Webb Avenue, Reedsburg, Wisconsin, 53959 Halfway House Directory.

What is a Community Services Associates Halfway House?

Community Services Associates Halfway House in Reedsburg, Wisconsin, primarily provides outpatient treatment to patients who suffer from drug and alcohol abuse and mental health problems. The institute is committed to providing patients with the best available treatment available and the appropriate environment that strengthens their desire to change for the better. Treatment plans are focused on the well-being and the mental state of the patients, including behavioral therapy, counseling, and management. Are you ready to make the change? Book an appointment at Community Services Associates now!

When can I register for sober living at Community Services Associates?

Patients can register at Community Services Associates as early as now. Addiction and mental health problems are taken seriously and require immediate treatment to prevent possible irreversible complications. Fueled with a passion for building a better community, the rehabilitation center aims to fulfill the patients’ desire to change and develop their sober living under halfway house rules. So start sober living in Reedsburg, Wisconsin, today!

What are the benefits of the halfway house Community Services Associates in Reedsburg, Wisconsin?

Community Services Associates Halfway House ensures that all patients get equal access to quality healthcare treatment. Special services are offered to several patient groups that require different kinds of treatment, from persons with substance abuse and mental health disorders, individuals who experienced trauma or domestic violence, to adult and senior citizens. Ancillary services are also offered to cover different mental health problems that patients might be dealing with, like gambling disorder treatment, social skills development, comprehensive assessment for substance abuse, and aftercare services to provide patients the treatment they deserve. Visit the Halfway House Directory for more details.

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710 North Webb Avenue

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