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Wyoming State Hospital


HHD Wyoming State Hospital 830 State Highway 150 S, Evanston Wyoming 82930 Halfway House Directory.

What is a Wyoming State Hospital Halfway House?

Wyoming State Hospital Halfway House in Evanston, Wyoming, is under the Wyoming Department of Health’s Behavioral Health Division, providing services to patients in need of psychiatric care and mental health treatment. In fulfillment of its mission of promoting good health to Wyoming citizens, the hospital is committed to providing high-quality healthcare treatment to help protect lives. Are you in need of behavioral health treatment? contact us to get the care you deserve! Refer to the Halfway House Directory for more options.

When can I register for sober living at Wyoming State Hospital?

You can register for sober living at Wyoming State Hospital today. The hospital operates twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) times a week to address the patient’s inquiries for available services and concerns of what treatment plans are appropriate based on the situation, history, and mental health status. Upon registering, the patient is obliged to follow the halfway house rules as part of your commitment to begin a new and better chapter in life.

What do I need to know before applying for sober living at Wyoming State Hospital in Evanston, Wyoming?

To be admitted at the Wyoming State Hospital Halfway House, the patient must seek approval first from a mental health professional to determine whether hospitalization is needed for the treatment. Arrangements will be made once Wyoming State Hospital confirms that admission of the patient is necessary. So book an appointment today and start sober living in Evanston, Wyoming, now!

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830 State Highway 150 S

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