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Oxford House Big Horn


HHD Oxford House Big Horn 410 E. Works Street Sheridan, Wyoming 82801 Halfway House Directory.

What is an Oxford House Big Horn Halfway House?

Oxford House Big Horn Halfway House in Sheridan, Wyoming, is a non-profit recovery house that provides support to individuals who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. Committed to fulfilling its mission of giving hope to the victims of substance abuse, a safe and open environment is provided to ensure that patients can undergo proper treatment without the stigma. Do you have trouble dealing with addiction? Contact us and get treated today!

Does Oxford House Big Horn follow the Halfway House Rules?

Oxford House Big Horn upholds the Halfway House Rules to ensure that patients stay true to their commitment to achieving sober living. It is the responsibility of the halfway house to provide the best environment for the patients to help overcome their addiction and give them proper treatment. Implementing these measures allows patients to reconnect to life while undergoing discipline training with the goal of preventing relapse. Are you interested in going through the biggest transition of your life? Book an appointment now!

When can I register for sober living at Oxford House Big Horn Halfway House?

If you have a hard time dealing with your substance addiction and mental health problems, you can register at Oxford House Big Horn Halfway House now! Addiction is a big obstacle that stops you from achieving more, and having the desire to change opens the door to a better life. Your journey to sober living starts with you. Book an appointment now! Visit the Halfway House Directory for more details.

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410 E. Works Street

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