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Set Free Alaska Homer


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What is a Set Free Alaska Homer halfway house?

Are you having difficulty overcoming an addiction or coping with other health issues? We’ve got your back. A mind-body-spirit approach to rehabilitation is used at Set Free Alaska’s Christian treatment facility. Hope, healing, and perseverance are fostered via their multigenerational programs, resulting in long-term transformation. As a result of using a trauma-informed approach, they help those struggling with drug addiction and mental illness. In addition, there are programs available that employ psychological and evidence-based education in both group and individual settings, as well as thorough evaluations of drug use and mental health. Book an appointment today, call us at our hotline! If you are interested in other halfway houses in Homer, Alaska, don’t hesitate to check the halfway house directory. 

Does Set Free Alaska Homer have an intensive outpatient program (IOP)? 

Patients prefer outpatient programs since it’s faster and at the same time low costs for hospital bills. One of the critical programs of Set Free Alaska Homer halfway house is the Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment for Adults and Teens Mat-Su Valley. This program will guide you in achieving a sober-free lifestyle. Aligned with their goal of serving their clients with excellence, these patients will receive care through therapeutic techniques. This intensive outpatient program is open for adults and teens aged 14-17. Consequently, the program for adults aged 18 and above is called the Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment for Adults Homer, Alaska. Services offered are the same, but the age range varies. Should you be interested, book an assessment and get treated today! 

How can I begin sober living at Set Free Alaska Homer in Alaska?

The first step in recovering is to assess oneself. Assessment is essential in determining the right service for you. Treatment options are unique to each one of us. The medical professionals will provide you with the most appropriate treatment that will best suit you. To begin, professionals will ask questions during the assessment that will last for 1.5 hours. Patients will be deliberated accordingly and have the service that they need. Rest assured that the information gathered will be kept confidential. So what are you waiting for? Begin sober living here at Set Free Alaska Homer and get assessed now!  

Why is Set Free Alaska Homer a good choice for a halfway house for sober living? 

Sober living is a factor that will help you live a life away from addiction. Several halfway houses that offer services in sober living are all around Alaska. Set Free Alaska Homer provides services specializing in substance abuse and mental illness. Their assessments are grouped based on gender and age. Residential is open for Men, Women, and Children. This will provide a sobriety community that has a common goal, to live a life and recover from addiction. These Residential facilities aim to empower these individuals to get the best service that they need. 

The agency aims to offer exceptional, personalized services to their customers. You are having troubles with your own addiction and harmful conduct? No worries, their programs are meant to help individuals break free of these chains.

It’s safe to say that at Set Free Alaska, you’ll feel appreciated and cared for on an individual basis. Recovery at Set Free Alaska is based on an incredibly creative and effective “mind-body-spirit” approach to healing. Clinical and therapeutic methods are used along with spiritual solid concepts in this unique method. Set Free Alaska is also a non-profit treatment facility. Knowing that therapy may be expensive, they make it more affordable to those who need it. With a client-centered approach, Set Free Alaska provides treatment services in a variety of ways. 

Consider Set Free Alaska Homer in a life away from addiction.  

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1130 Ocean Dr Suite A, Homer, Alaska 99603

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