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Ohlhoff Recovery Center


HHD Ohlhoff Recovery Center 601 Steiner St., San Francisco, California, 94117 Halfway Houses Directory

What is an Ohlhoff Recovery Center halfway house?

Ohlhoff Recovery Center is a halfway house in San Francisco, California that offers assistance to people who are suffering from mental health problems  and chemical dependency. This institution offers short-term and long-term services to help individuals who wish to transition to sober living in San Francisco, California. Ohlhoff Recovery Center provides its clients with the necessary support from other people and the community. Our halfway house directory features other halfway houses in San Francisco, California. Browse through our list for more information.

What are the benefits of the halfway house Ohlhoff Recovery Center in San Francisco, California?

Consider sober living in Ohlhoff Recovery Center! This halfway house offers different services to help individuals heal from addiction and live a fresh start. The institution offers a safe space and community for men and women to heal in. It is one of the halfway houses in our halfway house directory that provides an active support system that can help you reach sober living. Ohlhoff Recovery Center incorporates halfway house rules  in a way that does not feel suffocating. Clients may opt to choose between outpatient, residential, and inpatient modality. The sober living journey in Ohlhoff Recovery Center does not stop after the program. Aftercare services are offered to support former clients in maintaining sobriety.

How can I begin sober living at Ohlhoff Recovery Center in San Francisco, California?

If you chose to start sober living in San Francisco, California and decided to get treatment from this halfway house, it is required for applicants to undergo screenings. Call or message Ohlhoff Recovery Center to schedule a session. Like other halfway houses, this center  follows a set of halfway house rules which you should be familiar with. It also has a list of things to bring and not to bring that you should follow. After the screening sessions, wait for the clinic’s response.

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