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Rawlins Rehabilitation and Wellness


HHD Rawlins Rehabilitation And Wellness 542 16th St, Rawlins, Wyoming  82301 Halfway Houses Directory

What is a Rawlins Rehabilitation and Wellness halfway house?

Halfway houses serve as rehabilitation centers for people suffering from addiction, substance abuse, and mental health problems. Rawlins Rehabilitation and Wellness halfway house in Rawlins, Wyoming, is a healthcare facility that aids patients having a hard time in overcoming their addiction by providing utmost care and prioritizing their health and wellbeing. If you experience any of these problems, contact us now! Considering other halfway houses? You may check the halfway house directory for more details.

Why is Rawlins Rehabilitation and Wellness a good choice for a halfway house for sober living?

In Rawlins Rehabilitation and Wellness, patients are not limited to healthcare services, as the halfway house hosts recreational activities for patients that help connect them to a more engaging and positive life. Rehabilitation is more than just recovery and sober living. It also serves as the door to more opportunities that they were not able to get while struggling with addiction. The environment in the halfway house provides a safe space for this second chance in one patient’s life.  Start sober living in Rawlins, Wyoming today!

What are the benefits of the halfway house Rawlins Rehabilitation and Wellness in Rawlins, Wyoming?

Rawlins Rehabilitation and Wellness halfway house is recognized in the 2020 American Healthcare Association’s Initiative Recognition Program, setting high expectations in providing quality healthcare to patients seeking help. Services offered, ranging from skilled nursing, rehabilitation therapy, and supplementary care, are all certified top-notch, solidifying the halfway house’s brand. Healthcare staff is available 24-hours a day to ensure that all the patient’s concerns are addressed as part of the halfway house rules. Safety always comes first. Interested in quality healthcare service? Book an appointment and avail one today!

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